About Hachid

Hachid (founded in 2013) is a young high-tech spinoff of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Our key competence is reliable, robust and scalable crowd management. Our technology (patent pending) allows authorities and planners to count extremely dense crowds reliably and effortlessly. Our sensors can be used to monitor crowd flow through doors, and they can be deployed outdoors and in harsh climates.

By utilizing local processing on each sensor and wireless communication, our solution can scale to large sensor networks. Measuring exactly where needed, we can count the amount of people in controlled areas accurately and reliably.

Our founding team consists of four members, including two computer scientists, one electrical engineer and one civil engineer. Together, our team as a combined experience of 50 years in the fields of Visual Computing, Computer Vision, and Hajj Research.

Our Technology

We address a pressing logistics challenge in today’s modern age: Large congregations of people, be it for the Holy pilgrimages or civil events, are hard to count by any means. Our solution employs a unique combination of a small and low-power computational unit and a depth sensor.

Our custom-made and proprietary software then processes the sensor readout and aggregates it into a simple number – completely anonymous, low bandwidth, and in exactly the position where this information is needed. A lightweight server then collects the data from our devices using wireless communication and presents the aggregated information to our customers. Our technology achieves accuracy ratings over 95%, leaving competitors based on traditional RGB cameras far behind (±70%)


Learn more by downloading this presentation. [44MB]